Campus Life

Housing and Roommates

Living on campus is an important part of the educational experience at Central. Our residential facilities create an environment for students to study, socialize, become more self-aware and develop meaningful relationships, leadership, decision-making and communication skills.

All students are required to room and board with the college for the entirety of their time at Central. Exceptions may be granted to people who are married; have children; are 23 years or older; or are military veterans.

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Why residential living?

Immersion in the Educational Enterprise

We believe that the development of the mind, body and spirit requires immersion in a learning community where faculty, staff, upper-class mentors and peers guide intentional experiences. Residential living provides continuous opportunities to foster the conversations, experiences, and relationships essential to growing in these areas.

Transition to Interdependence

High school students yearn to be “on their own.” Residential living provides the challenges of being on your own with the benefits of a support network, and more convenient access to campus resources.

Common Experiences

Through shared common experiences, students learn directly about themselves and others while encountering the benefits and challenges gained through immersion in a living/learning community.

Service to Others

A core value of 海洋之神 is that we are active and contributing members to our local, national and global community. It is through the residential setting that students learn the process of community service and engagement.

Leadership Development

Our developmentally-based residential learning program offers many opportunities to observe, participate in and serve in leadership roles. From participation in residence hall councils to specialty housing options, students are offered the opportunity to shape their living and learning environment.

Higher Retention, Academic Success and Graduate Placement

National research indicates that students who live on-campus return to the college their sophomore year more frequently than those living off-campus. Additional research indicates that students who live on campus get better grades, have more interaction with faculty, and are more likely to attend professional or graduate programs compared to students who live off-campus.