几十年来,女性一直在男性主导的商界开辟道路. 根据Inc .的数据,在过去20年里,女性企业家的数量增加了114%. 杂志. 2019年,美国有近1300万女性拥有企业.

Since 1853, 海洋之神 has opened doors for women in business. Whether it’s positively transforming the workplace, providing exceptional veterinary care or healing hearts through music, 这些中央的女校友正在为下一代女企业家铺平道路.

The possibilities are endless — and it all began at Central.

Sinikka Wainionpaa Waugh ’96

Sinikka Wainionpaa Waugh ’96

家乡: 爱荷华州的印地安诺拉市,参加它
专业: 英语和法语
校园活动: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, 校园部门, 没有乐器伴奏的合唱, 室的歌手, 出国留学(巴黎)
业务: Your Clear Next Step, LLC, 爱荷华州的印地安诺拉市,参加它

Sinikka Wainionpaa Waugh ’96 has a genuine heart for making things better than she found them. At Your Clear Next Step, LLC, Waugh helps people have better workdays.

“什么才是更好的工作日?? A day in which communication flows freely and effectively, leaders have the skills and capabilities they need to lead well, 团队成员拥有他们需要的工具和技能来很好地执行他们的日常工作和人员, 在一般情况下, interact with each other with grace, even through periods of change,”沃说, who also serves on Central’s National Advisory Council.

Waugh and her team provide training and coaching for individuals, businesses and organizations in areas of 领导, communication and collaboration, 项目管理, finance and emotional intelligence. Clients range from solo entrepreneurs, small mom-and-pop businesses to higher education and Fortune 500 companies.

“We want people to come home after a long day at work, 而不是抱怨和痛苦把这种负能量带回家给家人, we want them to walk a little taller. 善良一点. 甚至在送披萨的人带晚餐来的时候给他更多的小费。”Waugh说.

As one could already guess, no day looks the same for Waugh. She even laughs at the question.

“Significant portions of my day are spent working with my team,”沃说. “I help lead, grow and support them with whatever they need.”

“Being a strong, effective leader and public speaker requires authenticity. Both speak and read from the heart with our authentic selves. I bring 100% of who I am to work every day. It’s a genuine desire to help people in their own journeys.”

— Sinikka Wainionpaa Waugh ’96

But her work doesn’t stop there. She cultivates sales and business development. Builds relationships with current and new clients. Speaks at conferences with audiences of 100-750 people at a time. 培养新客户. Waugh does it all, and she leads with authenticity.

沃说:“成为一个强大、有效的领导者和公众演说家需要真实. “Both speak and lead from the heart with our authentic selves. I bring 100% of who I am to work every day. It’s a genuine desire to help people in their own journeys.”


“I know the hand of God has been with me on my journey, and this is who I am supposed to be,”沃说. “我能够利用自己的天赋、才能和资源去帮助和服务他人.”

One of the most important resources for Waugh was Central.


Sinikka Wainionpaa Waugh ’96沃生长在一个关系紧密的军人家庭,这意味着她经常搬家. 每隔9到18个月,她的家人就会收拾好所有的东西搬到新家. 她并不总是知道自己接下来会在哪里结束,但沃确信三件事:

  1. 礼拜天是做礼拜的日子, no matter the location — or language — they found themselves living or learning.
  2. Family will always be there.
  3. If you have more than you need, you should share.

“When I was choosing what colleges to go to, I was deeply analytical at that point in my life,”沃说. “I had a spreadsheet organized by each college, 中环总是排在第一位,因为我一直在寻找它的特点.”

沃正在寻找一所基督教文理学院,它要有特定的规模,离家和最近的都会区要有一定的距离. 她还知道自己想去巴黎或伦敦留学,并获得教师资格证书. 符合这些标准的大学并不多——除了中央大学,沃说.

“I wanted to see if I could be my own person without my 家庭 so close to me, and Central allowed me to do that,”沃说. “这种环境强化了我的核心价值观,但也让我成长,挑战了一些我认为理所当然的信念和东西.”

沃尔特·大炮 是第一个挑战沃关于性别平等的假设的人. “作为一个女人, 我相信我生活在一个只要我下定决心就能做任何事的世界里,因为我父母就是这样教育我的,”沃说. 但坎农教授打开了我的眼界,让我意识到玻璃天花板仍然存在, 此外,在工作场所对待女性和男性的方式仍然存在差异.”

没有这个意识, 男性主导的项目管理行业对沃来说是一个冲击.


Working in a male-dominated industry has its challenges, but Waugh is committed to building a more inclusive, positive work experience for all.

“我教的很多东西都是我在中环所经历的文化的基础,”沃说. “As I teach communication, 领导, critical thinking and emotional intelligence, 我发现我正在与人们(他们中的许多人没有得到文科教育的好处)分享建立联系的软技能, interpersonal interactions and problem solving. Whether it’s the core values that inform who I am or the skills I teach, 大部分都是通过我在这里和海外接受的中央教育而得到巩固和加强的.”

Sinikka Wainionpaa Waugh ’96


毫无疑问,作为一名企业家,沃在中央大学培养了一些最有价值的技能. 然而,她在巴黎的两段经历对她今天的成就至关重要.

Waugh studied for a year in Paris as an undergrad at Central. 毕业后,她回到著名的美国大学担任英语助教.S. Fulbright Student Program, again with the help of Central. 该项目通过在课堂上的个人直接互动促进文化交流, 场, home and in routine tasks, 让助教了解他人的观点和信仰.

“While abroad, I learned independence and city living,”沃说. “我是和家人一起旅行长大的,但有机会独自出国旅行帮助我发现了自己是谁. My time in Paris is such a huge part of who I am. If you walk through my house, you can see evidence of Paris and its influence. I am forever grateful for those experiences.”


Waugh is proud of the work she gets to do every day, thanks to the support she’s received from friends, 家庭, colleagues — and even Central — along the way.

沃说:“我仍然非常喜欢中环的精髓是社区意识。. “中环的人们真心关心彼此,对此我非常感激. 它在我所做的工作和我所服务的社区中培养了一种关心的意识.”

With more than 10 years of experience as a woman in business, 沃给年轻企业家的最大建议是找到支持系统, 那个社区.

“There really is a lot of hard work that goes into being an entrepreneur. 坚持并坚持自己的想法是很有挑战性的。.

“了解如何发挥自己的优势,如何让别人与你并肩作战,这非常重要. 做真实的自己,和那些鼓励和支持你的人在一起. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely business, but if you bring others along who have different strengths than you do, 你会看到成功.”

格伦达·亨利·范威克02年 standing outside of Van Wyk Veterinary Clinic


家乡: 斗篷,爱荷华州
主要: 生物学
小: 化学
校园活动: 物化学俱乐部, Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society Charter President, Catholic 校园部门, 出国留学(肯尼亚)
业务: Van Wyk Veterinary Clinic, 斗篷,爱荷华州

格伦达·亨利·范威克02年 is a firm believer in the human-animal bond.

“I cannot imagine my life without animals,范维克说. “动物对人们来说非常有治疗作用,可以帮助他们度过艰难时期, or even just life 在一般情况下. That bond is so important to me.”

Van Wyk has been working with animals nearly all her life. In elementary school, her Girl Scout troupe visited a local veterinary clinic. From that day on, Van Wyk knew she wanted to be a vet.

“My 家庭 didn’t have very many pets growing up,范维克说. “我们养了一只猫和一只狗, but once I stepped foot in that clinic, I knew that’s exactly what I wanted to do in life. 从那天起,我总是告诉我的父母‘我要成为一名兽医’,从未动摇过.”

For 15 years, Van Wyk has taken care of thousands of animals as a vet. 2021年1月,她实现了开自己诊所的梦想:Van Wyk兽医诊所.

“我职业生涯的大部分时间都在佩拉另一边的特里县兽医诊所工作,范维克说. “But I was ready to do my own thing. I wanted to create my own atmosphere.”

Her clinic offers services for small animals, including preventative care, wellness and sickness examinations, 手术, 住院治疗, 内部诊断, 放射学, 牙科, 梳理和登机. Her clinic is also Pella’s city pound, and there are a few strays who have stuck around: Terrance, a cat who is also known as the clinic’s FEO (Feline Executive Officer), 和莉莉, a Corgi mix who was abandoned at the Pella airport.

“Terrance 和莉莉 definitely have their own personalities, just like every other animal,范维克说. “They are like 家庭 here.”

Van Wyk知道每一个来到她诊所的动物都是某人的家人.

“我想让人们知道,我关心他们的宠物,就像他们是我的家人一样,”范维克说. “I want people to feel that, to know that I truly care about them.”


Van Wyk grew up in Pella. 她的母亲, 康妮亨利95年, 她在中央学院的账单部门工作时获得了学位, where she stayed for 30 years before retiring in January 2021. 所以,在选择大学的时候,范威克无法想象自己会去别的地方.

“I’ve always had strong ties with Central,范维克说. “因为我妈妈在学校上学并在那里工作,我和我的兄弟姐妹基本上都是在校园里长大的. 在我考虑上大学之前,我会去接我妈妈吃午饭,建立很多联系. 只是感觉很好.”


作为一名学生, Van Wyk continued to foster meaningful relationships with faculty, staff and fellow science majors.

“较小的班级规模意味着你是一个学生,而不仅仅是一个数字,”范维克说. “I developed strong relationships with my professors, and they had a genuine interest in helping me achieve my goals. I am still in communication with many of them today.”

Van Wyk credits these relationships, as well as the academic opportunities afforded to her at Central, for her acceptance into veterinary school at Iowa State University.

“我有一个学术顾问,他真的帮了我大忙,确保我的所有课程都排好了,可以去兽医学校,范维克说. “大四那年,她带我去参加兽医会议,想了解兽医这个职业到底是怎么回事. I felt very prepared compared to other graduate students, 从我的写作和沟通技巧,到甚至使用ppt做演示.”


Running your own business is hard. Opening one during a global pandemic is harder.

“COVID-19 was a real struggle,范维克说. 他说:“不断拖延,无法获得创业所需的资金,这是很困难的.”

尽管有这些挑战, 在家人和朋友的帮助下,尤其是在她妈妈的帮助下,范维克终于打开了家门.

“It has always been a dream of mine to have my own clinic,范维克说. “当我说起这件事的时候,我妈妈总是说她会来为我工作,帮我度过难关. I am so thankful for all her help and her expertise. We get to spend a lot more time together, and it is great having someone at work who always has your back.”

她的目标是拥有自己的兽医诊所,这证明她也可以成为一名强大的女商人,”亨利说. “I am very excited and proud that Glenda is successfully living her dream! Isn’t this what all parents want for their children?”



家乡: Winterset,爱荷华州
主要: Music — Vocal Performance
未成年人: 心理学和社会学
校园活动: 阿尔玛, 没有乐器伴奏的合唱, 交响乐风合奏, 爵士乐队, 手铃合唱团, 女子足球, μ伽马π
业务: 山姆苔藓音乐

山姆苔藓的18 在去上班的路上,她在唐恩都乐的汽车餐厅点了咖啡,结果得知自己接到了《海洋之神线路检测》现场试镜的电话.

“I started crying as I was ordering a pumpkin spice latte,”莫斯说. “I called my mom and cried on the phone with her, too. I knew this was going to be a big opportunity.”

凯蒂·佩里. 路加福音布莱恩. 莱昂内尔里奇. The more she thought about it, 莫斯越不敢相信她很快就会在业内最具代表性的音乐家面前演唱. But she knew she could do it.

“四年前,我不会对自己和自己的能力这么有信心,”莫斯说. “Singing in front of an audience is very vulnerable. 当着全国人民的面在著名音乐家面前唱歌是另一种程度的脆弱.”


莫斯一直热爱音乐,但她从未考虑过将其作为职业. Instead, she wanted to be just like her big brother, 扎克莫斯的17. That meant following him to Central.

“My brother was a wrestler, 但我记得他参加我们四年级足球队的选拔,但没有成功,”莫斯说. “所以,我参加了橄榄球队的选拔,只是为了证明我能做到,我做到了. 我想成为每一个俱乐部的一员,参加每一项运动,证明我能做任何事.” At Central, Moss could do it all. She participated in women’s soccer, 交响乐风合奏, 爵士乐队, 阿尔玛, 手铃合唱团 and 没有乐器伴奏的合唱. 虽然中央提供和鼓励各学科的积极参与, her soul gravitated toward music.

But her soul was struggling. While her peers saw her as the brave girl who wasn’t afraid to perform on stage, Moss’s perception of herself was much different.

莫斯说:“我发现自己被音乐所吸引,但我患有表演焦虑症。. “I wouldn’t sing to feel good — I would sing just to survive through the song. 我会怀疑自己,而这种怀疑会在我颤抖的声音中暴露出来.”

Sam Moss '18 performs at 海洋之神

Moss began spending hours in the practice room on campus, where music slowly started to become her therapy. She didn’t sing for others, but for herself.

“如果我能搬进练习室,练习钢琴,每天晚上唱着歌自己入睡, 我就会,”莫斯说.

It was during this time that Moss learned to play piano. She switched her major to music with an emphasis in vocal performance. She was slowly but surely gaining confidence in her abilities. 加布里埃尔·埃斯皮诺萨79年, associate professor of music, saw her potential.

“教授们有自己的风格和不同的音乐空间,这让我可以涉足不同的流派和领域,看到我真正喜欢的东西,以及我在哪里发展壮大,”莫斯说. “I was always accepted at Central, even when I was struggling. Gabriel really taught me to see my worth.”

“我希望我的音乐能真实地反映出人们正在经历的任何艰难的事情,这样音乐就能解放他们,也能留住他们. 我希望我的音乐能治愈.”



Three years later, Moss has grown into the musician she’s always wanted to be. 她模仿了Lady Gaga的力量和开放,以及Sia的抒情亲密.

For Moss, the lyrics are the most important part of a song.

“I want to write lyrics that are empowering and meaningful,”莫斯说. “I want to emulate honesty and connection. 我希望我的音乐能真实地反映出人们所经历的任何艰难的事情,这样音乐就能解放他们,也能留住他们. 我希望我的音乐能治愈.”

莫斯目前正在制作她的第一张EP,但她也是一个十足的企业家. She writes and sings personalized songs and memoriam music; performs at weddings, 养老院, celebrations and other private events; and mentors aspiring musicians.

“传统上, if you wanted to be a musician, you had to figure out how to get people to notice you to sign a record deal,”莫斯说. “今天仍然如此,但你通过互联网和社交媒体得到了更多的曝光. You have to market yourself and keep showing up.”

On top of being a full-time musician and entrepreneur, Moss teaches young children piano at Red Cloud Studio in Chicago, 伊利诺斯州, 所拥有的 莫莉莱尔08年.

“Teaching has been so important in my music journey,”莫斯说. “Music changed me, saved me and made me step up and be the person I want to be. And it’s the same as being a teacher. I have to show up for these kids, no matter how I feel. 他们很聪明, 他们能感觉到我是真的在他们身边,还是我假装只是为了熬过这一天. 所以,我要确保他们知道,在我的空间里,他们可以完全做自己.”


“The way I was treated within the music department helped me grow, 不仅仅是作为一个音乐家, 但是作为一个人,”莫斯说. “So many seeds that are blooming now were planted at Central.”

This spring, Central might just have its first American Idol winner.

Scene from the 海洋之神 Women's Leadership Conference

Central Women’s Leadership Conference

三年了, 海洋之神 has hosted the Women’s Leadership Conference, an event designed to bring women from the region, state and beyond to discuss issues in women’s 领导, 知识, 技能和价值观.

该活动为经教职员提名的中学高年级学生提供机会. 她们会见了各自领域的专家,这些专家的性格为女性学者和未来的领导人树立了榜样. Jessica Klyn de Novelo ’05, 负责职业发展和公民参与的助理院长组织了活动.

艾米·迪特里希·埃勒斯的88年, Organon执行临床客户经理和中央董事会成员; Jann释放77年, professor emerita of business management and former Mark and Kay DeCook Endowed Chair in Leadership and Character Development at Central; and 苏珊长老”16日 human resources generalist at Equifax, 当中有哪些人曾与中环的学生分享他们的智慧和专业知识.

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